Industrial Precision CNC Milling Parts

We custom made OEM various of milling parts use on different industry as.

Semiconductor equipment jigs. 3C custom made samples, lubricator, mountain bicycle yoke, drop out, link connector, fork crown, handle bar bracket, suspension arm, special use front and rear hub, bicycle stem, cranks, steering arm, chain ring, stepless gear, shock holder, counterweight , bottom bracket, motorcycle hand guard, hand guard bracket, smart phone bracket support, motor mount, cover, shock holder, bushing, sleeve, battery clamp, mounting bracket, shock housing, disc brake body, disc brake bracket, robot arm component, turner's cube, router bracket, paddle, aircraft parts, center motor mount, suspension mount link, front and rear bumper mount, racing special parts, Pivot Brake Clutch Levers, Adjustable Motorbike Brake Clutch Levers, break caliper, modified motorcycle parts.

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